VLTC Presents WOW Awards to Imelda Calvillo, Gracie Sandoval, Rachel Ruiz, and Janie Ramirez at Quarterly Team Meeting

It’s ALL about WOWing our CUSTOMERS! WOW Awards were presented at the Employee Quarterly Team meeting on Friday, Oct. 19th to Imelda Calvillo & Gracie Sandoval, Tax Service and to Rachel Ruiz, Escrow Assistant (Weslaco) & Janie Ramirez, Escrow Officer (Weslaco) for their exceptional customer service & going above and beyond their duties. They were each presented with a $50 gift card!!! Congratulations 🎉 & Thank You for WOWing our Customers!!!!!

Rachel Ruiz, Escrow Assistant-Weslaco was also presented with a 2nd WOW for her selflessness and having a great big heart! Rachel saw a need and acted on it without hesitation! Rachel was instrumental in helping a woman with Alzheimers and her invalid son get a new roof on their home. Due to the recent storms their roof had suffered a lot of damage. Rachel contacted our customer Camar Construction who assessed the roof and decided that the home needed a new roof which they promptly installed due to the threat of upcoming rains. A HUGE THANK YOU to Camar Construction and ALL the area businesses who donated supplies.

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