Valley Land Title Co. contributes to the Emergency Repair Grant Program

With the current situation that has impacted so many Valley residents, Valley Land Title Co. contributed to the Emergency Repair Grant program being sponsored by Affordable Homes of South Texas (“AHSTI”). Monies raised will go towards homeowners eligible to receive a small grant to help cover the cost of emergency repairs such as roofs, water heaters or AC units as summer draws near. With budgets already stretched for many families, AHSTI is anticipating an increased need for small emergency funding for families and is working towards being able to provide the help that so many need. Pictured are Paul R. Rodriguez, CEO, Valley Land Title Co., Robert (“Bobby”) Calvillo, Executive Director of Affordable Homes of South Texas and Susan Valdez, Director of Administration, Valley Land Title Co. #VLTCommunity #VLTCgivingback

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